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Bamboozle Theatre Company Limited

Bamboozle Theatre CompanyJade Frost – Tours & Marketing

Telephone: 0116 255 2065 Mobile:

Address: Unit 10 St Mary’s Works, 115 Burnmoor Street, Leicester LE2 7JL

Category: Charity

Website: http://www.bamboozletheatre.co.uk/

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Description: Bamboozle is a charity that uses the power of theatre to transform the lives of children with learning disabilities.

What is Bamboozle Theatre Company’s aim?

Bamboozle’s aim is to offer children the opportunity to interact meaningfully with the world, and to confound expectations of what disabled children can achieve.

What does Bamboozle do?

Theatre and Touring Shows

Bamboozle takes high quality, interactive and immersive performances into theatres and special schools in order to reach, engage and entertain all children – whatever their ability.

Education and Learning

Bamboozle provides creative and innovative learning experiences for children with special needs and shares its pioneering methodology with teachers and educators through training and research projects.

Families and Community

Bamboozle Theatre Company produces captivating multi-sensory experiences for profoundly disabled children and their whole families – and finds ways to engage those that can seem hardest to reach.

BNSL urges you all to give generously to this very worthwhile and effective charity