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Address: Beechwood House, 58 Highfield Street, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire LE9 4DF

Category: Photographer & Videographer

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Description: Press, PR, corporate editorial, commercial, architectural, aerial and reportage wedding photography. Videography for corporate clients and small businesses.

My name is Martin Neeves. I am a freelance photographer and videographer in Leicestershire. I have well over 20 years of experience as a professional photographer and I have won many awards along the way. I used to work as a staff press photographer for the Coventry Telegraph and prior to that, on newspapers in Kent. I set up my freelance photography business in 1996, providing photography for many national, regional and business magazines, newspapers and annual reports. I regularly work for designers, public relations companies, and corporate communications departments of companies of all sizes (from blue-chip down to small businesses).

I also do commercial photography such as studio product photographs, room interiors, food photography, staff portraits, architectural and aerial photography for any business that wants to convey a professional image in their brochures and on their websites. A few years ago, I was commissioned by Warwick Castle to photograph the castle throughout a whole year at different times of day, different seasons and in different weather. I can do aerial photography either at a high level from an aircraft or at a low-level from my 15m ground-based aerial mast. I have recently done a significant amount of food photography for a leading UK supermarket’s website. I have been commissioned twice (as the sole photographer) to photograph the Queen in Buckingham Palace’s music room.

The quick reactions necessary in my press photography background have served me well when photographing weddings in a natural, documentary style that is often referred to as “reportage” or as “wedding photojournalism”. This unobtrusive fly-on-the wall style captures the couple and their guests at their best while leaving them free to enjoy themselves instead of being shouted at for hours by a bossy photographer! A few posed groups can be taken too, if required.

In addition to stills photography, I offer videography to companies who appreciate the benefits to search engine optimisation of having videos on their websites or who wish to use videos for presentations at conferences etc.

Looking for: Couples who have just got engaged and may be looking for a wedding photographer; PR companies; graphic designers (for both web and for print); press officers; communications executives; magazine editors (or picture editors); businesses of any size needing to update their product photographs, staff portraits, websites or brochures; and businesses of any size who want a video for their website.

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