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Joanne Warren – Sunrise Home Support

Telephone: 01164 300 230 Mobile: 07740 289569


Category: Advocate Support For Older Peoples

Website: www.sunrisehomesupport.co.uk

Description: Independent advocacy providing support to older people

Sunrise Home Support is an independent advocacy providing support to older people. We believe everyone has a right to be heard. Sometimes, as we age, we struggle to get our opinions respected, and feel we don’t have the control over our lives we once had. As independent advocates, we will make sure local authorities listen to your voice and ACT accordingly.

  • Are you struggling to get your voice heard by local authorities or other service providers?
  • Do you feel limited in your life choices due to difficulty in accessing information?
  • Would you like your views and wishes to be acted upon?

Sunrise Home Support will work with you in an objective capacity to ensure your views and needs are heard, respected and upheld. Call 07740 289569 for more info.